Website Designing Course

Information About Web Designing Course

Web Designing Course basically deals with creation/maintenance of websites. All web pages available on Google, Yahoo and other search engines are basically designed and maintained by Web Designers. This web designing course mainly focuses on the core area necessary for the creation of Websites like HTML, JAVA and CSS. Students by the end, of course, know how to create the website, how to maintain the same along with adding animations and effects. Children who love using Computers and are addicted to it can do this course very well.


  • 1. Introduction of Web Designing
  • 2. Web Designing Concept
  • 3. Working With CSS
  • 4. HTML 5
  • 5. Bootstrap Intigration
  • 6. Designing Modules
  • 7. Hosting Management
  • 8. Mysql usage
  • 9. wampp server management
  • 10. Web Hosting Modules
  • 11. Website Creation

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For many course the Minimum Qualification is +2

You need to have one of following Bechelor, Master Degree or equillent Diploma/Course:
1. BCA
2. Bsc.IT
3. Msc.It
4. Msc.Computer Sciences
5. MCA
Note: You can have course If you haven't any of above degree and have only +2