SEO Training (Search Engine Optimization)

Information About SEO Training

SEO is known as search engine optimization. It is the process to get traffic from organic search results on search engines. It is quite different process than Digital Marketing.So, In this seo course we will teach you the major SEO techniques that how a website can get good rank on Google results.

You Can Choose One of the Following Modules

  • 1. SEO Basics
  • 2. Link Building
  • 3. HTML Tagging
  • 4. Ranking
  • 5. Web Analytics
  • 6. Google Webmasters
  • 7. Rich Cards
  • 8. Schema.org
  • 9. Keywords research
  • 10.Page Ranking

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For many course the Minimum Qualification is +2

You need to have one of following Bechelor, Master Degree or equillent Diploma/Course:
1. BCA
2. Bsc.IT
3. Msc.It
4. Msc.Computer Sciences
5. MCA
Note: You can have course If you haven't any of above degree and have only +2