Advance PHP CMS

Information About Advance PHP CMS

In the next Level of PHP CMS where cms called Content Management System you will learn that how you can create your own CMS . There are various types of Opensource CMS are available in market but below 3 are famous and easy to use:
1. Joomla
2. Wordpress
3. Drupal
In this Advance PHP CMS level you will learn how to impliment the Joomla , wordpress, drupal theme and you will also learn how to create Joomla plugins, wordpress plugins etc.


  • 1. Introduction of Content Management System
  • 2. Creating Own CMS
  • 3. Introduction of Joomla
  • 4. Joomla Templates Creations
  • 5. How to Use Joomla ?
  • 6. Introduction of Wordpress
  • 7. Creating wordpress themes
  • 8. Creating Joomla/wordpress plugins
  • 9. How to use wordpress/Drupal
  • 10. A CMS Project

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For many courses, there are no formal entry requirements.

You need to have one of following Bechelor, Master Degree or equillent Diploma/Course:
1. BCA
2. Bsc.IT
3. Msc.It
4. Msc.Computer Sciences
5. MCA
Note: You can have course If you haven't any of above degree and have only +2