Advance PHP

Information About Advance PHP

After having "Core PHP Course" Completed student can get advanced PHP course where student can have the skills of experienced PHP Programmers by introducing them to advanced techniques and tools that can be used to build complex PHP applications. This Advance PHP Course training covers the Object Oriented components (OOP) of PHP5, including advanced features such as PHP5's try/catch exception handling, and interacting with databases using the database access layer. Students will also learn how they can leverage common design patterns to build loosely coupled objects and further extend the flexibility of their applications.


  • 1. Introduction of Advance PHP
  • 2. Managing Web sessions
  • 3. Handling Date & Time in PHP
  • 4. Sending email with PHP
  • 5. Object Oriented Programming and PHP5
  • 6. Debugging PHP Code
  • 7. Creating Dynamic Forms
  • 8. Creating Templates
  • 9. Bootstrap with PHP
  • 10. Advance PHP Project

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For many courses, there are no formal entry requirements.

You need to have one of following Bechelor, Master Degree or equillent Diploma/Course:
1. BCA
2. Bsc.IT
3. Msc.It
4. Msc.Computer Sciences
5. MCA
Note: You can have course If you haven't any of above degree and have only +2